blue skies, 72 and breezy

Picture a white sailboat on bright blue water.

"blue skies, 72 and breezy" is pretty much the perfect weather. Recipe for a great day! What does this have to do with software development? Ruby on Rails in particular? Well, nothing really. Life is just better, whether writing code or doing laundry, when Mother Nature is in a good mood.

Working in the Ruby on Rails Ecosystem (mostly)


Rails 5 ecosystem application built for trying things out that's more than just a quick 'rails new'. In other words, something a little closer to the real world and all it's complex messiness. It's a world of happy people, great companies and employment for everyone who wants it.

The website uses haml, Devise for authentication, cancancan for authorization, MySQL for the database, elasticsearch directly for the People search and through searchkick for the User and Company search - a gist of the Gemfile.

While the site and it's features are real - the data is not. The database and indexes have been populated with fake data for demonstration purposes only. If there is an issue with a company or person being too close to reality or data that is in some way offensive, please get in touch.

And if you saw the site name and were looking forward to cynical, sarcastic commentary on how fake the world is - you're in the wrong place. You could search Twitter for #fakeworld (yikes!), or better yet, YouTube for funny cat videos to lift your mood.

Still trying to decide if I'm going to just make the github repo public or turn it into a tutorial/class or something else. In the meantime, if you have a question, please just ask. One reason to not make the entire application public is the fear that it will be used as a starter app. There are intentionally several sections with unneeded complexity to create different scenarios so not appropriate for real life.

Home Page (github repository):
Live demonstration site:


Ruby on Rails 4.2 starter/example application incorporating Devise and Bootstrap 4 using Ruby 2.2.

Home Page (github repository):

miscellaneous other projects


Tutorials and step-by-step guides for various tasks in the Rails ecosystem. Tasks that I worked through and wrote up to save someone else the time. I am deeply appreciative of the developers that answer question on Stackoverflow, write blog posts and contribute to the open source community. This blog is part of my attempt to give back.

The audience for most of the posts is an advanced beginner to intermediate level Rails developer. I assume when I'm writing the reader has a firm understanding of the basics. There are already lots of great articles and books out there on getting started. If I've glossed over something that needs more explanation, just drop me a line.

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(My name, btw, is Joan, since I forgot to introduce myself ...)

I can also be found on, LinkedIn and occasionally Twitter.

Currently I spend my time freelancing in the Ruby and Rails ecosystems. Latest project was/is the front-end application for an internal website analytics engine.

Need some help with your Rails application? hello ...

These days I work from a home office in mid-coast Maine. A place where an overnight 18” of snow is greeted with an indifferent shrug. Summer traffic jams of out-of-state license plates are a good thing. And when the forecast is "blue skies, 72 and breezy" this place is magic.